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Various – Gift Rap

giftwrapCross Movement Records

I thought that rap was one of the last remaining genres that had kept itself free from the commercialism and cheesiness associated with ‘Christmas’ albums. Especially coming from Cross Movement Records, who have earned a reputation for hard hitting, no compromise, evangelistic focused underground rap.
I take a look at the CD and begin to feel a bit uneasy.
I press play. Track 1. ‘Tell You Why’ by Da T.R.U.T.H, doesn’t reassure me at all. Full of Christmas clichés like unwrapping presents, auntie & uncle under the mistletoe, warming up by the fireplace, etcetera.
I listen on. The compilation steadily improves with nice offerings from J-Silas, J.R., and Phanatick.

Now I’m really feeling it. The album reaches its peak with South London’s M.O.D. spitting some seriously mighty metaphors on ‘Kings Speech’ which is followed by Flame dropping some serious sermon on ‘Invasion Day’. Worth checking out for just these two tracks.
Thankfully, the clichés were kept to a minimum, and it has enough in it not to sound too strange if played outside of the Christmas season.