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Byron Cage – An Invitation to Worship

Byron CageGospocentric/Zomba
It seems as though everyone and anyone in black Gospel is recording live worship albums and Byron Cage chooses to follow fashion with his latest offering.  Produced by PAJAM, this album gets off to a great start with the high energy ‘Bless the Lord’.  It gets even better with the next track, ‘We Love You’ a duet with J. Moss (complete with his trademark background vocals).  Great vocal arrangements and a highly contagious melody make this the best song on this album by some distance.
Another highlight (of which there aren’t too many) is ‘Worship the King’.  It’s an up tempo sing-a-long chorus with a hugely infectious bouncy baseline that compels you to dance.
In contrast, the down tempo worship tracks lack originality and generally fail to really hit the mark.  The best is ‘Broken But I’m Healed’ which has lyrics that will minister to a lot of people.
On the whole, this is a worthwhile addition to your collection, but I doubt if ‘An Invitation to Worship’ will enjoy the same success of his self-titled Gospocentric debut.