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Kirk Franklin – The Fight of my Life

kirk franklin fight ofArtist Title: Kirk Franklin – The Fight of my life

Label: Fo Yo Soul/Zomba

Genre: Gospel


Kirk Franklin has produced another masterpiece. Following the same formula he used to great effect in his last full release ‘Hero’, Kirk brings a similar mix of banging RnB anthems and beautiful heartfelt ballads. There is a real sense of honesty as Kirk owns up to the fact (like with many of us) his biggest fight is the battle against himself.

Young people dealing with trails that challenge their faith will connect with the excellent ‘Help me Believe’ whilst the slightly older generation will appreciate being taken back to church when Rance Allen helps out on ‘Little Boy’. Indeed, the lyrics on this track show that Kirk has manoeuvred himself into a position where he can be as ‘real’ (read ‘raw’) as he wants and still be warmly embraced by the church as a whole. The once bad boy is well and truly the golden (read ‘platinum’) boy and I for one continue to welcome each Kirk Franklin release with open arms.

Dancefloor Fillers

I Like Me: There ain’t much more than beat box, hand claps and drums on this beat but it is still a guaranteed club smash. Add rapping from Kirk and the ever eloquent Da TRUTH into the mix and you’ve gone clear!

Still in Love: This is just like ‘Looking for You’, only better. Throwbacks to the 70s / 80s disco funk sound with a sweet vocal arrangement just make it feel like summer.

Praise & Worship Gems

He will Supply: Proper good ‘ol fashioned gospel

Still: Use this one when there’s lots of stuff going on in your life and it’s all getting a bit too much.

Other Standout Tracks

I am God: Toby Mac gets in on the act in this rock enthused screamer of a track.

Little Boy: Stunning vocal performance from guests Rance Allen and Isaac Carree. Also the cheekiest line on the album ‘Let him see yo’ mind, not the crack of your behind!’

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