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Fruits – First Fruits

first fruitsFruits Productions

That is the question posed on track 3 of this album from Birmingham based rap duo Fruits.  Your answer better be “Really Real” because these rough diamonds of the underground Gospel Rap scene bring the message raw and uncut.  Whilst the production style of Friksun is at times often as dark as a dungeon at midnight, the deep, gritty vocals of HMD bellow out truths with a ferocity that scares my two- year old daughter!
However, the greatest asset of a rough diamond is its purity, and ‘First Fruits’ is a debut album full of hip-hop psalms delivered with a candidness and purity of heart that is quite endearing.
This all goes together to make for some surprisingly powerful tracks, namely ‘Who’s Crackers’, ‘What is Your God?’ and my favourite, ‘God’s Children’.
My fear is that this album will not get the exposure it needs to reach out and touch the hearts of those whom HMD & Fushkin have meant it for. That is exactly what will happen if industry folk take one look at where they are coming from and their style of music without giving the lyrical content a fair hearing.
Don’t sleep on this one. Make sure you check it out for yourselves!

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